September 29, 2023

Why r u ep 5


Why r u ep 5Things amongst Fighter and Tutor have been traumatic and steamy for plenty episodes now. There have been such quite a few kisses amongst them that I can`t even count number them anymore. Episode 6 modified into the episode that sent me screaming down my street and back! Fighter and Tutor have been given so frisky that it definitely appeared like they were about to move all the way. But Fighter commenced out thinking too much and scared himself so he placed a prevent to it.

I modified into getting a bit annoyed with Fighter because of the truth every time he starts offevolved “teasing” Tutor with the resource of the use of kissing him and following him and grabbing him, he usually blames it on simplest joking spherical. It modified into disturbing because of the truth all people comprehend how Fighter without a doubt feels about Tutor. I modified into definitely screaming at my screen, “in reality tell the fact!” lol.

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But we moreover find out that Fighter`s dad is the best that is pressuring him thus far Hwa. Fighter`s dad is relationship Hwa`s mom and for some reason he dreams Fighter thus far Hwa too. He mentioned a few issue about simplest courting Hwa`s mom because of a organization deal or a few issue like that. It`s all without a doubt shape of gross in my opinion. Fighter and Hwa do not have whatever to do collectively alongside together along with his organization deal and it`s so in reality messy to mix organization with romantic relationships, and to drag your children into too?? No. Just, no.

So we have got made it to episode 8 and topics are seeking to be loads better amongst Tutor and Fighter. Tutor has traditional the fact that he has feelings for Fighter and he modified into capin a role to talk all this out collectively alongside together along with his sister. I modified into glad that we were able to meet someone from Tutor`s very own own family because of the truth he seems to be so on my own.

But we`ve sooner or later made it to episode 8 and omg my coronary coronary heart is singing!

All we knew previously about his very own own family is that his very own own family moved away, leaving Tutor to cope with college on my own. We moreover knew that his father modified into in some of debt and there have been men bothering Tutor to cough up the money. But in this episode, we meet Tutor`s sister, P`Tong. She`s high-quality sweet and supportive and we find out that she took a method offer in Germany with a purpose to pay enough that she might be capable of deal with the very own own family. I liked being able to see more into Tutor`s very own own family life.

As for Fighter, he FINALLY informed Hwa the fact and broke up with her. She modified into crying her eyes out and screaming and being angry. But now now no longer even ten minutes later, Tutor`s friend Day who has a crush on her, asks her to be his female buddy then kisses her. And bet what? She says certain lolllllllll.

Like, all the feelings she had for Fighter went right out the door lol. So now they are all glad and giddy and whatnot, but for some reason they are preserving it a thriller from Tutor. It is soooo funny to appearance them looking for to preserve their relationship a thriller. I definitely have a experience that Tutor has an idea of what`s up but they preserve pushing him away after he starts offevolved looking at them suspiciously.

Fighter has sooner or later admitted to Tutor that he likes him. I repeat, FIGHTER HAS FINALLY ADMITTED TO TUTOR THAT HE LIKES HIM!


The next episode is going to be while Tutor and Fighter go to the beach. So many people on line have been speaking about this because of the truth the director and performing teach have been announcing how steamy the beach scenes are going to be. The simplest reason they are going to the beach is because of the truth Tutor`s sister had a one on one verbal exchange with Fighter and informed him how an entire lot Tutor loves the beach. She informed him that possibly they should flow together, spend some time on my own, and with any luck their time together will make their feelings about each distinct clearer.

So Fighter is doing in reality that. They have agreed to move the beach as fanatics to appearance if this is a few issue they really want to pursue with each distinct. If they opt for it, then they may grow to be an respectable couple. If they assume it won`t work, then they may leave each distinct on my own.

But we alllllll comprehend they are NOT gonna leave each distinct on my own lol. They are already in love.


Omg those have in reality grow to be my babies! They are so valuable and so herbal that my coronary coronary heart in reality can`t take it.

If you have got were given been searching the show or have look at my previous recaps then you definately definately comprehend that Zon modified into initially walking farfar from Saifah. He modified into so pressed about his sister`s fan fiction becoming real that he favored absolutely now no longer whatever to do with Saifah.

But after speaking to his sister, Zon asked her to prevent writing it and to take him out the fiction. She promised she would possibly and he left feeling an entire lot lighter about being spherical Saifah.Why r u ep 5


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