June 2, 2023

Why is big chief not the racemaster for america’s list


Why is big chief not the racemaster for america’s listBig Chief is a 42-year-vintage expert racer and TV persona from Louisville, Kentucky. He comes from a own circle of relatives who takes avenue racing pretty seriously. Because of this, Justin Shearer were given at the back of the wheel earlier than he became 10. Big Chief`s bio moreover well-knownshows that he’s a member of group 405, a collection that he additionally leads.

His ardour and prowess for riding sooner or later caused a 2nd profession on tv as he and some others seemed on Street Outlaws and its next spinoffs. Justin has been considerably absent withinside the modern-day season of America`s listing. Here`s what happened.

Street Outlaws: America`s List

America`s List is a spin-off display this is a part of the bigger Street Outlaws Franchise. The collection follows competition from everywhere in the country, consisting of locations like Detroit, Oklahoma, Texas, and Memphis. Drivers like Kye Kelley, Big Chief, JJ Da Boss, and Craig Piligian all compete to be diagnosed because the exceptional racer withinside the country.


The display first aired at the thirteenth of April 2021 at the Discovery Channel. It noticed the pinnacle 10 racers try to claw their manner to the primary spot at the listing. In total, there had been thirteen episodes for the duration of America`s List`s debut season.

The 2nd season of the display premiered at the twenty first of March 2022. This time, lovers were given a sneak peek of all of the at the back of-the-scenes antics that cross on earlier than a race. Moreover, the modern-day season moreover promised extra listing and take a look at races, with a better study every group and competitor. Though numerous contributors of the solid returned, there has been one splendid absentee.

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Why isn`t Big Chief at the modern-day season of America`s List?

Street outlaws` racers and lovers alike had been taken aback to analyze that Big Chief had taken a step again from racing. During the display`s 2nd season, Ryan encourages the relaxation of the racers to step and vie for Big Chief`s role because the latter became not withinside the running.

Shaun, who has labored at the display for numerous years now, additionally discovered that Big Chief became gone. He went on to feature that Shearer wasn`t going to `try this anymore,` implying that he became performed with the display. So, what happened?

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Photo of Big Chief
Big Chief isn’t at the America`s List.
Several reassets recommend an altercation among Justin, Jackie, and Precious Day earlier than the first actual race night. In the aftermath of this altercation, Big Chief determined to percent and leave. The information got here as a shock, specifically as Justin became one of the motives why America`s List became greenlit withinside the first place.

Big Chief isn’t at the America`s List.

Some humans speculate that Shearer walked farfar from the display due to the fact the manufacturers wouldn`t abolish the `Chase is a Race` Stipulation that is a part of the contest. Though the stipulation provides extra drama to everything, maximum humans agree that it’s far pretty unnecessary. In any case, we can`t understand for sure, because the manufacturers selected now no longer to consist of the argument that caused Justin`s departure for the duration of the primary driver`s meeting.Why is big chief not the racemaster for america’s list

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