September 29, 2023

Why are you here lyrics

Why are you here lyrics Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is returned with a brand new music, simply while everybody is pronouncing his profession is now over. Just the nightfall earlier than the music become released, MGK become on Twitter simply to annoy his lovers. Then, the rapper become in the long run disclosing the single`s title. Even aleven though MGK is thought to be a rapper, he’s adapting himself to a rockstar lately. Let`s analyze the which means at the back of the lyrics of the music `why are you right here` with the aid of using Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

Machine Gun Kelly Asks `why are you right here` Lyrics Meaning

On this modern music which without difficulty receives into your head, MGK has forsaken the hip-hop beats that were given him to in which he’s today. He has absolutely relinquished the rapping at the back of on this music. There`s a candy guitar harmony, bass, and drums. Basically, each aspect that makes up a bit of everyday rock track is there. It doesn`t give up there. HE IS SINGING and his vocal is supported with the aid of using a few chants withinside the ballads.

Introduction: why are you right here Lyrics MGK

MGK can rap while he desires to. However, in latest days, the rapper appears remotely extra willing to articulate himself as a rockstar. This explains why he has an electric powered guitar in his fingers lately. He may have became away part of his fan-base due to his feud with Eminem and that become foreseen. However, you can’t refute the truth that this artist is skillful.

MGK`s tale is one in all sadomasochistic love. The music is ready the hunt of a deadly accomplice who offers sincerely not anything withinside the way of romance. Obviously, there are some privileges to such an interpretation. But it sounds as though he is attempting too tough to sound like a rockstar.

Why are you here lyrics
Why are you here lyrics

why are you right here Lyrics Meaning

Let`s dissect the which means at the back of the lyrics of the music `why are you right here` with the aid of using Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) segment-wise.

Even aleven though the previous rapper doesn`t need to look his romantic hobby, they frequently encounter one yet again and again. They had already made it very clean to each other that they can’t be whatever extra than simply friends. However, on every occasion they see every other, they get into having a laugh simply to remorse it later. This form of bad boundary among the rapper and his romantic hobby makes him say “we can’t be simply friends” and it`s true.

Verse 1 Why are you here lyrics

The rapper usually wishes to put together himself motive he can see his poisonous companion at any time. When MGK is round her, he can’t assist himself. The urge that he as soon as had for her comes returned even if he desires to haven’t any trouble together along with her whatsoever. He can’t assist himself while he’s round her after which is going the thrill. Both of them act as though they hate every other. But in reality, each of them have a positive diploma of love to each other and it’s going to usually live that manner.


MGK attempts to expose his masculinity off with the aid of using calling himself “a demon withinside the night”. He isn`t the form of lover to show off the lighting to have a laugh and relax around. The rapper usually desires her to understand that she is talented and he or she is beautiful. He continues the lighting on simply to persuade her that she owns splendor in her. MGK then might continue to place her garments returned on, essentially fantasizing approximately a dating among the fairy memories of splendor and sadism

Verse 2 Why are you here lyrics

Even aleven though MGK is has been worried in a romantic dating together along with her time and again, he is aware of he can’t have her as each of them are bad for every other. He desires to cry and numb down his ache with puffs of smoke with the aid of using actually intoxicating himself. MGK feels unwell to his tummy every time he sees her with a person else. Both of them are mendacity to each other pronouncing they don`t want each other however they’re simply seeking to show they’re the satisfactory for each other however in an bad way.


The dating is complex on this music. First of all, she reveals MGK dishonest on her. Then, he reveals her dishonest on him. Both of them can’t forgive each other however on the other hand they each come to some extent of simply being friends. This hasn`t labored out for apparent reasons.

Conclusion: why are you right here Meaning MGK

Have you ever been in the sort of complex dating? If yes, how is/ become your revel in with it? What do you observed is the which means at the back of the lyrics of the music `why are you right here` with the aid of using Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)? Do you want the manner the singer is heading in the direction of musically? Let us understand withinside the feedback segment below. Why are you here lyrics

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