September 30, 2023

Url shortener script for blogger with ads

Url shortener script for blogger with ads I did now no longer need to make investments cash due to the fact I didn`t have it. So, I did plenty of studies and I observed more than one approaches to make a URL shortener internet site with out funding and one in every of them is the use of the Blogger (aka platform.

I observed a URL shortener script for Blogger and I made a few crucial adjustments to that script to make it greater useful for you. Now, it’s far to be had for you freed from fee and also you also are loose to percentage it with anyone.

If you test the demo webweb page you then definately may say, it`s now no longer a URL shortener internet site, it`s a URL encryption webweb page and that is pretty true. But you need to apprehend that, to create an automated URL shortener webweb page, you want to have database get entry to to save the information that is best feasible withinside the paid hosts.

However, you could try this manually on the use of the easy JavaScript code that I even have mentioned in this newsletter withinside the mid!

Here is the instance of shorted hyperlinks the use of that URL shortener JavaScript code.

Further, let`s test how you could absolutely create a URL shortener webweb page the use of the PresentBlogging blogger URL shortener template/ script. After that, I will percentage the URL shortener JavaScript code to manually create quick hyperlinks.

How To Use URL Shortener Script For Blogger

Hopefully, you’ve got got the fine URL shortener template for Blogger from the given link.Next, truely visit your blogger dashboard, create a brand new weblog, then click on on “Theme” from the left sidebar.

Next, truely visit your computer, extract the “” and truely add the “PresentBlogging (URL Shortener).xml file” such as you usually do to put in the Blogspot templates/ subject matters from outside resources.

Alternatively, open “PresentBlogging (URL Shortener).xml file” in WordPad after which replica all of the supply code next, visit “Edit HTML”, update all of the code from the copied script, and in the end keep it.

Congratulations! You have effectively established the URL shortener script for your Blogspot weblog. There is one step left yet. To get a totally useful URL shortener Blogspot internet site, you want to create & submit a easy put up and you’ve got performed it.

I suggest you write a tremendous put up to get high-paying advertisements in case you are the use of AdSense or different Ad networks.

Url shortener script for blogger with ads
Url shortener script for blogger with ads

Enable Ads On URL Shortener Script For Blogger

To placed advertisements to your Blogspot URL shortener webweb page, truely click on on “Layout” from the left sidebar of the dashboard after which update all of the javascript advert codes together along with your personal Ads codes and you’ve got performed!

Congratulation! Now your Blogspot URL shortener internet site is prepared to go. Now simply have amusing together along with your personal URL shortener.

How To Short URL In Blogger Like Professional

Go for your Blogspot weblog dashboard after which navigate to Template > Edit HTML.Next, look for a tag for your weblog template after which truely paste the JavaScript code above it.Now, to create quick URLs, truely make adjustments to the given JavaScript code. For example, withinside the above code look for this:


In the above code, “fb” is the key-word and “” is the centered URL of a internet site.It truely method that after you`ll visit “” it’s going to redirect you to “”.

Don`t worry, there may be no limit. You can create an infinite variety of quick URLs with this URL shortener JavaScript code with out converting your weblog layout like specialists do with their URL shortener webweb page.

Finally, personalize the given JavaScript code as in line with your needs, after which truely press the “Save Template” button and you’ve got performed it. Now experience your shorted URLs.


We have shared the fine URL shortener script for the Blogspot platform genuinely freed from fee so you can generate a passive income.

Even, many readers of mine are already the use of this URL shortener script and incomes an excellent income. So, now the selection is yours!Url shortener script for blogger with ads

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