September 29, 2023

Tormented souls lock code

Tormented souls lock code includes many puzzles which you have to resolve to increase the story. All however this sort of puzzles are important to finish the sport.

Depending on which patch you play this sport on, you could discover that positive sections of this manual do now no longer suit. That is due to the fact a few gadgets had been moved around, or even a few rooms modified entirely, withinside the early patches. This is mainly substantial among 1.00 and 1.01. This manual is correct as of patch 1.03.

Generator Puzzle

Once you get into the Generator Room, you’ll want to spark off the generator. Grab the Valve subsequent to wherein you begin the generator, and pass right all the way down to the manage panel. Place the Valve on the lowest left pipe, then open all of them besides for the lowest valve at the proper phase so the dial reads 11kg/cm. Now go back to the generator itself and flip it on.

Library Door Knocker

Once you got the Door Knocker from the Chapel and the Stethoscope from the Sewing Room, you’ll want to apply the Door Knocker at the Library Door in E-F2. You now want to knock an appropriate collection to open it.

Before the sport will will let you try this you have to use your Stethoscope at the statue in Main Hall. Return to the Library Door and knock the answer:

Elevator Puzzle

Once you get right of entry to the hallway in W-F2 with a Thread Bolt, pass down the elevator to F1. Push the trolley immediately outdoor into the elevator to dam the doorway. Head as much as Reception in W-F2 to accumulate the Thread Bolt, then go back backtrack to the elevator in Chapel to visit F2.

Skeleton Puzzle

Once you get right of entry to the Experiment Room withinside the Basement, there may be a skeleton with buttons on it, and a plaque with a riddle. Press the buttons withinside the following order to release a mystery passage:

Tormented souls lock code
Tormented souls lock code

Combination Key Doors

Once you get the Combination Key from the Experiment Room and Boiler Room, you’ll be capable of release 4 doorways at some stage in the mansion, every with a puzzle.

Pharmacy Door

In East Wing Corridor in E-F1 may be a door to the Pharmacy. The answer is:

Archives Door

In the Chapel in W-F1 may be a door to the Archives. The answer is:

Dining Room Door

In the Dining Room in E-F2 may be a door to an unnamed room. The answer is:

Intensive Care Corridor Door

In West Wing Corridor in W-F2 may be a door to Intensive Care Corridor. The answer is:

Cash Register Code

After gaining access to the Archives, you’ll be capable of get right of entry to in the back of the counter in Main Hall wherein you’ll discover a coins register. Open this with 0414 to obtain a Coin. The code is derived through the range of traces intersecting with the dot at the clues.

Vending Machine Puzzle

With the Coin from the coins register, you could engage with the merchandising device withinside the Chapel. This will provoke a sport of Simon Says, wherein you want to press the buttons that flash for 5 rounds. The order is random each time you try this. Once you entire it, you’ll obtain a Blood Bag.

Judge`s Podium Puzzle

In Room 2D in W-F2, there may be a judge`s podium with numerous dials that you could rotate. Before you could do whatever with this though, you’ll want the Hammer and Parchment Scroll observed in Room 2D and Bathroom CD thru the mirror.

Use the Parchment Scroll at the indent of the judge`s podium, then rotate the dials to suit the puzzle at the parchment:Hands on Eyes, Hands on Ears, Hands on Mouth, HeadlessOnce the dials are positioned, use your Hammer at the judge`s block to obtain a Staple Gun. Tormented souls lock code

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