September 29, 2023

Tormented souls key puzzle

Tormented souls key puzzle Depending on which patch you play this recreation on, you could locate that positive sections of this manual do now no longer healthy. That is due to the fact a few gadgets had been moved round, or even a few rooms modified entirely, withinside the early patches.

Tormented Souls Padlock Code

In the room in which you start the recreation, there`ll be a padlock on a cabinet. Unlock it with 1235 to seize a Wrench, then engage with the pinnacle of the Wrench to open it slightly. Now use the Wrench at the door.

Tormented Souls Generator Puzzle

Once you get into the Generator Room, you may want to set off the generator. Grab the Valve subsequent to in which you begin the generator, and cross right all the way down to the manage panel. Place the Valve on the lowest left pipe, then open all of them besides

Tormented Souls Elevator Puzzle

Once you get right of entry to the hallway in W-F2 with a Thread Bolt, cross down the elevator to F1. Push the trolley without delay outdoor into the elevator to dam the doorway. Head as much as Reception in W-F2 to accumulate the Thread Bolt, then go back backtrack to the elevator in Chapel to visit F2.

Tormented Souls Skeleton Puzzle

Once you get right of entry to the Experiment Room withinside the Basement, there can be a skeleton with buttons on it, and a plaque with a riddle. Press the buttons withinside the following order to release a mystery passage:

Tormented Souls Combination Key Doors

Once you get the Combination Key from the Experiment Room and Boiler Room, you may be capable of release 4 doorways at some point of the mansion, every with a puzzle.

Tormented souls key puzzle
Tormented souls key puzzle

Tormented Souls Cash Register Code

may be capable of get right of entry to at the back of the counter in Main Hall in which you may discover a coins register. Open this with 0414 to obtain a Coin. The code is derived via way of means of the variety of traces intersecting with the dot at the clues.

Tormented Souls Judge`s Podium Puzzle

In Room 2D in W-F2, there can be a judge`s podium with numerous dials that you may rotate. Before you may do whatever with this though, you may want the Hammer and Parchment Scroll. Use the Parchment Scroll at the indent of the judge`s podium, then rotate the dials to healthy the puzzle at the parchment:

Tormented Souls Floppy Disk Puzzle

Once you’ve got got the Floppy Disk from the Shower Room in W-F1, head to the Store subsequent to the Chapel. In right here you may discover a laptop to re-write the important thing code. Before you may re-write it though, you may want to engage with the Floppy Disk.

Tormented Souls Grandfather Clock Code

After having access to East Wing Hall in E-F1, you may discover a clock which permits you to alternate the date, month, hour, minute and second. Set this to twenty-five Dec, 8:15:25 and you may be capable of snatch the Jade Eye.

Tormented Souls Vinyl Puzzle

Once you’ve got got the Jade Eye, you may apply it to the bust withinside the Office in E-F2 to open a panel with seven buttons. You will want to copy the music performed at the gramophone withinside the equal room. Use the answer proven under:

Tormented Souls Key Dial Puzzle

In order to position the Key Dial into the indents downstairs withinside the Main Hall, you may want to rotate all of the dials on it to healthy the indents. Match the under orientation to location it in.

Tormented Souls Infinite Room Puzzle

Inside the Underground area, you may discover a room with a recording tape picture in the front of it. This room is the Infinite Room.This room is one large puzzle, with four doorways, four plinths and four directions.

There is a plaque withinside the nook that tells a story, and also you want to undergo the proper door for it to progress, else it resets. With each accurate step of the puzzle, a candle withinside the chandelier will mild up. Tormented souls key puzzle

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