March 21, 2023

Taco bell google pay

Taco bell google pay Yes! As of 2019, since Google Pay began its operations, Taco Bell accepts Google Pay as a method of transaction at its stores be it the restaurant or drive-thru and for in-app purchases. Amidst the pandemic, using digital wallets as a payment method has become the new normal.It is fast easy and secure. You don’t need to carry your wallet around or be scared to lose the cards. Becoming cashless is the new trend for millennials. Let us learn ‘Does Taco Bell Take Google Pay

How To Make Payment Using Google Pay At The Taco Bell Restaurant Or The Drive-thru?

It is pertinent to mention that all major credit and debit cards are can be used at the restaurant. For debit cards, there is a caveat, you have to enter the verification pin set for the card. Digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are mostly used. Several vouchers and coupons are also accepted as payment methods. The same payment methods are available on the app.

Taco Bell – The App

Taco Bell has its app. It can be used to make orders and pay for them then and there. Of course, you can redeem rewards on orders made through the application. The application is can be downloaded from Play Store and AppStore.

One of the unique features of this application is that it allows you to customize the order as per your preference. It is the perfect way to skip the long queue and get your favorite burrito on the go. If you have opted for home delivery, the app also allows you to track the order’s status.

So What Kind Of Payment Methods Can Be Used?

To make the payment for your order you can use debit or credit cards. Taco Bell has introduced Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards, both are acceptable. Recently, Taco Bell has started to take Apple Pay and Google Pay to make the payment.

Does Taco Bell Accept Google Pay?

The initial step is to download Google Pay App from your Play Store. You can add multiple cards in google pay and save one of them as your default card. This card will serve as your primary card to make payments.

How To Make A Payment Using Google Pay At Taco Bell?

To make a payment through your phone, simply hold it near the terminal where you’d generally place the card. If your default payment method is a debit card, enter your code. As soon as a blue tick comes on your phone screen, it means the payment is successful.

To make a payment using your smartwatch, launch the GooglePay app on the watch. Then follow the steps to make the payment as usual and you will get a beep or a slight vibration on your watch determining that the transaction is done.

Are you intrigued to know whether Taco bell accepts any other payment methods? Well, continue reading.

Taco bell google pay
Taco bell google pay

What About Apple Pay?

Yes. The fast-food chain started accepting Apple Pay in the year 2019. You can pay via the Face-ID feature or the Touch-ID feature on your phone. Also, the Apple Watch allows you to make payments as well.  You will receive several benefits by using Apple Pay at Taco bell, such as offers and discounts on your next order.

Can I Use Venmo At Taco Bell?

You need to use your Venmo debit card to make the payment at a Taco Bell Restaurant or set it as the default payment source on your digital wallet. You can not directly send money from your Venmo account to the restaurant through any of the portals.

Lastly, What About Using PayPal At Taco Bell?

Sadly Taco Bell does not PayPal in any form as a direct method of payment. However, if PayPal is added as your default mode it might be a possibility.

How To Add Payment Methods To The Taco Bell App?

When you are about to checkout on the app, add your credit or debit card to the payments section.

Does Taco Bell Have Gift Cards?

Yes, Taco Bell has introduced its gift card. They are available both in physical and electronic forms.

How To Make A Transaction Using The Gift Card At Taco Bell?

Upon checkout, to make the payment you can use the gift card. You can also check the balance left in the gift to be sure. There is no requirement to make a log in for this. It can be done by entering the details on the payment outlet.

It is fair to mention that as of now, Taco Bell does not accept Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, or Alipay as the method of payment either. Cryptocurrency payments are not allowed either.

Over the years taco bell has adapted its restaurants, drive-thrus, and the application to be able to accept several credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets.Taco bell google pay

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