October 3, 2023
Sms activator

Sms activator

Sms activator

Sms activator Log in securely in 2 steps thru an SMS code, without or with a cell telecellsmartphone. This lets you guard your private facts even better.

Many firms will (soon) now not assist you to log in with simplest your username and password. You usually want your telecellsmartphone for SMS verification.

Therefore, upload your cell or landline quantity on your DigiD account and prompt logging in with SMS verification. You can hyperlink one telecellsmartphone quantity to a most of five one-of-a-kind DigiD accounts.

What do I want? Sms activator

Log in together along with your DigiD username and password. You will then obtain an SMS with the code to your telecellsmartphone. You input this code.


If you simplest have a Dutch landline quantity, you can obtain a spoken textual content message code. You might be known as automatically.

How can I prompt voice textual content messages?

Do you need to authorise a person to control your affairs online You can authorise a person to apply DigiD to your behalf. Please note, your username, password and PIN code are private. Never supply this facts to every other person.

Living overseas Sms’s activator

If you stay overseas and feature a DigiD, you could additionally use SMS verification tingletips. and the DigiD app. Sms activator

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