September 29, 2023
Roadmaster active suspension

Roadmaster active suspension

Roadmaster active suspension

Roadmaster active suspension Roadmaster Active Suspension is the simplest rear leaf spring suspension improve that converts basic “passive” leaf spring suspension to mechanical “active” suspension.

The Roadmaster Active’s Suspension’s machine absorbs and dissipates load pressure energy, ensuing in appreciably stepped forward automobile stability, balance, traction and control, all without or with a load.

Roadmaster Active Suspension provides essential energy to leaf springs, however will now no longer compromise experience quality.

Eliminate Axle Wrap Roadmaster active suspension

Roadmaster Active’s Suspension’s efficaciously removes Axle Wrap and Wheel Hop, through stopping the extra pressure of the improved torque, twisting the axle housing and through so doing, will not permit the leaf springs to distort.

RAS with the 2 effective variable-rated coil springs will now maintain the leaf springs withinside the authentic bowed form. The distorted S-form twist and next hop, is thereby eliminated.


Traction to the tires at the moment are improved and torque is transferred to the floor efficiently.

Simplify Load Carrying Roadmaster active’s suspension’

When a automobile is overloaded the load distribution shifts rearward, inflicting the rear to sag, the majority of the weight weight will now be transferred to the rear axle.

This may also have an effect on the steering, making it greater floaty and much less responsive. The traditional method to growing the weight sporting of a truck, van or SUV has been to boom the stiffness of the rear leaf springs.

Improve Roadhandling

With a Roadmaster’s Active Suspension (RAS) package hooked up to your pickup, you’ll be surprised on the development whilst cornering, and additionally the general development in managing.

Body roll might be substantially decreased and your automobile becomes significantly greater solid and more secure, without or with a load.

Make RV`s Safer

If you tow a RV or have a load sporting or managing problem, we’ve got the solution, you want a Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS).

This one-of-a­-type rear lead spring suspension up grade, whilst hooked up to your automobile will substantially enhance load sporting, managing, experience consolation all without or with a load.

The reality is, it`s the simplest rear leaf spring suspension product withinside the global that does it all !
15 Passenger Van Safety

RAS will make the automobile more secure and much less liable to rollover, however, NO product withinside the global will save you rollover occurrences. The Roadmaster Active Suspension enhancement can`t promise to remove rollovers however can appreciably enhance a van`s tingletips safety. Roadmaster’s active’s suspension’s

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