September 26, 2023


Planwood Here`s a listing of fifty woodworking initiatives which you may need to strive out, indexed in no specific order. Whether you`re a starting woodworker or an expert, I wish you discover a assignment concept that piques your interest.

For every assignment, an excessive amount of or too little moisture content (MC) should have disastrous results, however we`ve were given you blanketed with our industry-main moisture meters.

Woodworking Projects – 50 Ideas

amateur woodworking assignment thoughts – kitchen tableKitchen Table – Long, regularly glued sections of wooden will display vast shrinkage and enlargement, so make certain the MC is accurate from the begin in addition to construct it in one of these manner as to permit a few motion with out tearing itself apart. See a few lovely kitchen desk plans.

Dresser –

If you need your drawers to suit right (the cloth cabinet drawers that is), you`ll need to restrict motion withinside the wooden. Builds the use of plywood could be extra dimensionally strong than people with strong wooden, however many plans require each, just like the cloth cabinet I completed up as this newsletter is written.

Shelves –

I as soon as made an 8-foot long, stay-area shelf out of 2” thick Yew I bought from a few man off of Craigslist and forgot to degree the MC earlier than shopping it. It changed into lovely, however whilst the wooden dried, there has been a vast twist down the duration of the board, and one nook ended up approximately an inch better than it must had been.

Always deliver your moisture meter with you whilst you`re shopping for wooden, and test the complete duration of every board. Sometimes, handiest a part of the wooden has dried well, or a few components may also had been re-moist with the aid of using the elements.

Cabinets –

Whether you`re placing those for your store or for your kitchen, make an effort to do it right. If you`re the use of plywood and strong wooden, pleasant plywood is probably to be simply excellent if it`s been saved indoors

The plywood will probably live dimensionally strong with moisture

Adjustments withinside the surroundings, however strong wooden won`t. So, so in case you use each, make certain to take that under consideration withinside the design. Easy cupboard diy plans.

Wooden BookcaseBookcase – You`ve were given to save all of these books somewhere, right? When you construct your personal bookcase, the case may be extra of a show piece than the contents!


Wood Flooring –

While now no longer an smooth assignment for beginners, a few woodworkers have made and hooked up their personal hardwood floors. Doing it your self lets in you to now no longer handiest keep cash however create specific floors a good way to make a assertion for your home.

You can select species that aren`t common, make wider or longer planks than usual, and end the floors in a manner that makes it your personal. Moisture is one in all the largest elements with regards to the long-time period fulfillment of that floor.

If you don`t need to stay with abnormal gaps among the forums, splitting, cupping, bowing, and different ugly ride hazards, make certain each unmarried board is well dried.

The National Wood Flooring Association recommends among 6-9% MC, however you may get a extra specific goal quantity with the aid of using the use of an internet EMC calculator or use the Wagner Meters Wood H2O cellular app.

Don`t neglect about to degree your subfloor as well, and in case you`re on a concrete slab, carry out a relative humidity moisture test.

Cutting Board –

A slicing board is a lovely, long lasting assignment that could remaining a few years if made and cared for well. End grain slicing forums are a long way advanced to area-grained and face-grain slicing forums, each for sanitary motives in addition to moisture-associated motion.

The slicing board goes to undergo many moisture absorption and drying cycles, and enlargement and contraction on an end-grain slicing board minimizes the quantity of motion in guidelines that might strain the glue joints.

Still, you`ll need to make certain the MC of the wooden is suitable and identical to decrease the quantity of motion and anxiety after the slicing board has been glued up.

Keepsake Box –

With ornamental joints, inlays, and all eyes on it, you`ll need to make certain the lid remains flawlessly equipped and no cracks broaden anywhere.

Guitar –

Luthiers (makers of stringed gadgets) construct lovely works of art – eye-catching now no longer simply to the eye, however additionally to the ear. The greatest gadgets are regularly cautiously saved in


managed environments to save you the moisture degree of the tool from converting and deteriorating the pleasant. It`s concerned about naught, though, if the authentic wooden hasn`t been dried to

perfection –

the skinny partitions and plates of musical gadgets are specifically vulnerable to cracking and motion. You can construct a guitar from scratch, with a template, or use a complete kit (you may take a look at out this provider for hardware), however be secure and confirm the MC is accurate earlier than making an investment such a lot of hours into your paintings of art.

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