March 22, 2023

Osrs fighter torso

Osrs fighter torso Barbarian Assault permits gamers to get a Fighter Torso, which presents the nice-in-slot energy bonus for the platebody slot. In this guide, Hanannie, Lord Shayne, and Vehicle RS educate you the way to play Barbarian Assault and get the Fight Torso in Old School RuneScape.


Barbarian Assault is a secure group-primarily based totally minigame in which a group of 5 gamers have to paintings collectively to war ten Waves of Penance creatures. Each Wave will increase in issue till the ultimate Wave, in which you may face the Penance Queen.


To play this minigame, you want to be on World 306, the authentic Babarian Assault World. You can locate the Barbarian Assault mini recreation south of the Lighthouse. The simplest manner to get there’s to apply a Games Necklace. If it`s your first time doing this minigame, you want to finish the Tutorial via way of means of speakme to Captain Cain.

You shape a group withinside the Wave 1 room. Here you may unsolicited mail what position you need to do till a person notices you. If a person leaves, you may come returned to Wave 1 and proper-click on at the doorway, and press Reset, as a way to positioned you returned to Wave 1 so you can begin again.


Everyone withinside the group gets a horn of their stock to touch their teammates approximately what they should do to finish their roles. When you spawn in, you may see a few white textual content subsequent to the mouth icon withinside the top-proper nook,

The textual content subsequent to the ear icon is the decision for you, which shows what you want to do in your position. If you do not transfer to the brand new name, your complete group loses Honor Points.How to Get a Fighter Torso – OSRS Barbarian Assault Beginner’s Guide p4044


The nice tools setup for an Attacker is to have a complete set of Void Knight armor with a Magic shortbow. If you do not have the void, your cutting-edge nice Melee tools is likewise viable. If you are the usage of Melee, you may want a weapon that has all assault options (Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive, and Controlled).

When you spawn withinside the map, you may run to the pink Dispenser and seize arrows when you have a Ranged weapon. If you’ve got got a Melee weapon, do not worry. You can stick with the left wall and run west of west cannon so you do not entice any Penance Healers throughout the map, which allows the Healer drastically accelerate the W

Osrs fighter torso
Osrs fighter torso


How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS – Barbarian Assault Beginner’s Guide p2

You’re going to goal the Penance Rangers first, as they’ll be your largest enemies. Then you may need to assault the Penance Fighters. Make certain you stay at the left aspect of the map to now no longer make matters more difficult for the Healer.

Every 30 seconds, the egg that Collector wishes to accumulate will transfer, and it’s far your activity as an Attacker to inform them as quickly as possible. You can do that via way of means of proper-clicking the Horn to your stock.

You can see which egg is wanted via way of means of searching on the top-proper nook of the map. If the Collector alternatives up the incorrect egg, the whole group will lose points. The Collector can also be telling you each 30 seconds what assault fashion to apply.

It is essential to apply the best assault fashion due to the fact each hit with the incorrect fashion will lose the whole group points. For this purpose, I advocate that you switch Auto Retaliate off, and because the 30-2d mark reaches, you may click on farfar from the monsters and await the decision.


As a Healer, whilst you spawn withinside the room, you may need to visit the inexperienced Dispenser to get a complete stock of supplies. The Defender will name which deliver to apply, and you’ll then inform the Defender which bait to apply. Every 30 seconds, do not forget to name.

The first a part of your position is to poison Penance Healers. I advocate making use of 3 poisons to Penance Healers on the begin of the round. If the Attacker and Collector have stayed from your manner, you ought to have all of your Penance Healers stay inside a small phase at the map.

The different a part of your position is available in later rounds, in which you may want to heal your teammates. You will dip your Healing Vial withinside the inexperienced pool at the start of the map and apply it to every group member to heal them. This may be quite annoying at low levels, so it’s far advocated that your group have Healers withinside the later rounds.


A Collector is one of the simplest roles. As you spawn into the world, make certain to live greater in the direction of the west 1/2 of of the map so you do not disturb the Healer and Defender. Every 30 seconds, make certain that the Attackers understand which assault fashion to apply due to the fact that is in which the group loses maximum in their points.

How to Get a Fighter Torso in OSRS – Barbarian Assault Beginner’s Guide p3

After that, you’ve got got eggs to accumulate. The blue eggs are pointless, and the usage of them can now and again soft-lock the recreation, Osrs fighter torso

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