September 29, 2023

La casa de los famosos 2022 live

La casa de los famosos 2022 live “The residence of the well-known 2” got here to an stop after a protracted collection of controversies completed via way of means of its members over three months. In this brand new edition, Ivonne Montero, Salvador Zerboni, Nacho Casano

Tony Costa They confronted every different and simplest one in all them should turn out to be the winner of the millionaire prize. The application turned into broadcast via the Telemundo sign and additionally without spending a dime online.

As you remember, the attorney Laura Bozzo turned into withinside the enjoyment area and have become one of the favorites. However, her time at the fact display ended only a few days ago. In this be aware we let you know whilst, in which and at what time to look the very last Live.

Lazy loaded component

To end with a flourish, Ivonne Montero turned into given the briefcase with the $200,000 that corresponds to first area. Although she again and again talked about that that is because of individuals who voted for her, she did now no longer hesitate to thank over again for this achievement.

vonne sees her daughter again

An emotional appearance. Ivonne Montero turned into moved to tears so as to join stay together along with her daughter from Mexico, to whom she devoted her victory in “The House of Celebrities 2”. “We did it, mommy,” stated the actress, very moved.

Ivonne gets the triumphing medal

Ivonne Montero turned into applauded via way of means of the general public whilst she entered the set of “The residence of the well-known 2” and he or she turned into offered the primary area medal amid applause.

Ivonne says good-bye to the residence

With excellent emotion and happiness, Ivonne Montero stated the final good-bye to the residence that welcomed her for months and allowed her to be the brand new winner of “The House of Celebrities 2”. Although she turned into pretty thankful to the general public who voted for her, she devoted her victory to her little daughter who watches her from afar.

Zerboni`s own circle of relatives visits him

A smooth reunion. Although he couldn’t take first area with the millionaire prize, Salvador Zerboni turned into thankful for the possibility to be a part of this system. However, that turned into now no longer all, due to the fact his participation did now no longer stop till he turned into amazed via way of means of his dad and mom stay.

Salvador Zerboni took 2nd area

After it have become regarded that Ivonne turned into topped the winner of this system, Salvador Zerboni turned into introduced as the second one runner-up of “The House of Celebrities 2” and stated good-bye via the the front door, considering that he did not hold the $200,000.

La casa de los famosos 2022 live
La casa de los famosos 2022 live

Yvonne is the winner!

He takes the $200,000. Ivonne Montero burst into tears whilst she discovered that she is the brand new winner of “The House of Celebrities 2”. A 33.8% of public votes gave the Mexican actress the primary area.

Nacho Casaro meets together along with his mom

After a smooth reunion with Daniella Navarro, with whom he fell in love at some point of his live in “The House of Celebrities”, the Argentine Nacho Casaro turned into moved via way of means of the appearance of his mom at the set of this system.

Nacho is the 1/3 finalist of “The residence of the well-known”

With 19% of votes, Nacho turned into located because the 1/3 finalist of the second one season of “The residence of the well-known”. Between tears and hugs, the Argentine actor stated good-bye to his partners who’re nonetheless in competition.

Toni is amazed via way of means of his mom

Direct from Spain. After revealing that Toni is the fourth finalist in “The House of Celebrities 2”, the youtuber turned into amazed via way of means of his mom, who took a flight from Spain to accompany her son on such an crucial day as this.

Toni is the fourth finalist

The public has decided. According to the envelope supplied at the screen, Toni have become the fourth finalist of “The residence of the well-known” with 14.6% of votes and loses the possibility to take the 200,000 dollars.

Voting is closed

After numerous mins of ready and uncertainty, the balloting for the general public turned into concluded. This approach that visitors have already selected their preferred participant, with a purpose to be introduced later.

There can be a 3rd season!

Before finishing the balloting, the host of “The House of Celebrities” amazed all visitors via way of means of revealing that now no longer the whole thing is over, considering that there can be a 3rd season for this system.

Everything that took place in “The residence of the well-known” to date

On the event of recalling all of the true and the horrific that took place withinside the application because it began, on May 10, an in depth video turned into supplied with numerous scenes wherein you may see what the coexistence turned into like among the 17 celebrities who got here to the residence complete of goals and illusions.

An emotional video

After a short presentation and thanks, the host of this system gave manner to a brief however sizeable video to remember, collectively with the finalists, the first-rate moments that the 17 celebrities have skilled considering that they entered the residence a while ago.

The finalists appeared

With stylish fits and a grin from ear to ear, the primary connection turned into made with the 4 finalists who keep withinside the residence and compete for first area withinside the 2nd season of “The residence of the well-known”.La casa de los famosos 2022 live

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