October 1, 2023

Kahoot join a game

Kahoot join a game Last week, we launched our modern-day cellular app for iOS and Android. It helps you to play gaining knowledge of video games and amusing quizzes everywhere and anytime, to your very own or with buddies.

Of course, you may additionally use the app to play stay kahoots hosted in a school room or any other institution setting. This is the traditional Kahoot! enjoy: you input the sport PIN, the questions then seem at the shared display,

With the brand new app, however, gaining knowledge of doesn`t prevent as soon as that stay sport is over. Check out those extras

Join stay video games in Kahoot! cellular app

Replay video games to revise expertise and enhance score
Feel such as you could`ve completed higher in that sport? Practice makes perfect! Replay the kahoot withinside the app later for revision and to enhance your score. Even weeks later, whilst an examination is coming up, you may get returned to kahoots you performed in magnificence all through the semester to enhance expertise.

Was that a intricate sport?

Pass it on on your students, colleagues, buddies or own circle of relatives and spot if they are able to crack the ones difficult questions. You can create a mission and proportion it with different players, for example, through messengers or in social networks.

Kahoot join a game
Kahoot join a game

Get an outline of stats and sport records

When you`re logged into Kahoot! withinside the app, you may get an outline of all of your sport results – what number of kahoots you performed, how a lot of them you won, etc. Your sport records is there, too, which makes it smooth to move returned to any of your formerly performed kahoots.

Add medals on your tune record

Masterfully performed! Those bright medals might be introduced on your tune record. That range withinside the pinnacle a part of the display will come up with more motivation on your subsequent kahoots!

Made it at the podium?

telecellsmartphone is routinely disabled in order that it doesn`t interrupt you even as you play. Say, if there`s a few dialogue time among questions, you wouldn`t need your telecellsmartphone to doze off proper earlier than the query comes up! Kahoot join a game

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