September 26, 2023

Isaac poop

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Oh Crap – Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Enemies that contact Isaac are converted into poop. 1 Butt Bombs: five.100. 209 Toxic blast +five bombs +five bombs. Bombs now cloud up the display screen, in brief destructive and perplexing all enemies. 2 Dirty Mind: five.100. 576 Filthy friends:

Destroying poop spawns Dip Familiars that comply with Isaac and harm enemies. Destroying one of a kind styles of poop spawns one of a kind Dips with unique outcomes.

Item Tags poop – Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Continuously firing tears for 3 seconds reasons Isaac to drop a Butt Bomb, which damages and confuses all enemies withinside the room whilst it explodes. Spawns a white poop familiar, which will become a white poop whilst Isaac is hurt. White poop has an air of mystery that will increase tear hearthplace fee and might block enemy shots.

New Transformations – The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki …

The participant will become the Oh Crap transformation with the aid of using accumulating 3 precise poop associated objects. When converted, destroying poop heals you with the aid of using 1\/2 a …

Transformations – Isaac Cheat Sheet – Platinum God

Isaac will become his cat Guppy and profits the cappotential to fly. Every time you efficaciously hit with a tear, a blue fly will spawn (In Repentance this turned into nerfed to 50% of tears that hit). Taking any Three of the subsequent objects will cause the Guppy transformation. Guppy`s Collar.

Isaac poop
Isaac poop

The Transforming of Isaac – Modding of Isaac

The Transforming of Isaac. With eleven modifications and thirteen characters, it appeared affordable to use one transformation to every individual as an awesome initiation into modding. I`ve attempted my quality to make those balanced and as not-OP as possible

Transformations – The Official Binding of Isaac: IPECAC Wiki

In contemporary variations of the mod, no modifications are present. 12 one of a kind new modifications existed at preceding factors withinside the mods history, aleven though as of the update, they had been removed.

The Isaac Poop Song – YouTube

Provided to YouTube with the aid of using CDBabyThe Isaac Poop Song · The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and PeeMore More Name Poop Songs℗ 2019 Motern MediaReleased on: 201…

Transformation Workshop #6: Oh Crap : bindingofisaac

Turning Isaac right into a humanoid pile of feces, this alteration permits you to heal half a crimson coronary heart each time you destroy a pile of poop, making you nigh-unkillable. However, that most effective takes area when you locate all of the objects to transform, and, well, correct good fortune doing that!

All eight modifications thread : bindingofisaac

Poop transformation (Any of those objects: E Coli, The Poop, Butt Bombs, and Flush!) Heal 1\/2 a crimson coronary heart each time you destroy a poop. So those are supposedly all eight, every other facts recognized might be extraordinary and might assist out a ton. Now this one is in the sport as well, and I suppose it`s extra of an easter egg.

Isaac – BoI: Lua API Docs

Renders a textual content with the default length at the Screen. X and Y coordinates want to be in display screen coordinates ( x [zero,~500) y [zero,~350) ). R,G,B and A want to be between [0,1]. Example Code. This code renders the participant function at the display screen. Isaac poop

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