September 25, 2023

How to turn off voice on roku

How to turn off voice on roku On the alternative hand, you can recognize that it`s studying the interface aloud as you navigate the usage of your far off. In such instances, you can have enabled some other accessibility function called Screen Reader, formerly known as Audio Guide.

You can use numerous techniques to show off the voice for your Roku. For instance, you could use the subsequent steps to disable the voice the usage of the settings menu.

Press the Home button for your far off

Go to the sidebar at the left and pick Settings, after which visit Accessibility
Go to the Screen ReaderRead directly to research greater approximately why your Roku is narrating the entirety and the way you could cope with the issue.

Why Is My Roku Narrating Everything?

Your Roku can be narrating the entirety due to the fact the Screen Reader or Descriptive Audio Roku accessibility settings are enabled.

The Screen Reader function is accessible for the visually impaired, letting you understand in which you’re at the Roku interface. However, it could be worrying for a person with out visible issues.

Even if the Screen Reader is off, you can enjoy your Roku nonetheless speaking to you as you watch films or shows. The Descriptive Audio function narrates the statistics in numerous scenes further to the soundtracks, effects, and dialog.

The function is off via way of means of default, however numerous streaming services, which include Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max assist it.

How to Turn Off Screen Reader on Roku

Thus, the quickest technique for disabling the narration is via way of means of urgent the button 4 instances in brief succession. When the function is off, you`ll get the message, “Audio Guide disabled.”

Using the Roku Remote Shortcut

If you press the button 4 instances, the far off is unresponsive, or the function isn`t became off, you could strive the subsequent technique.

Use the Accessibility Settings

To use the accessibility settings to show off narration for your Roku tool, use the subsequent steps:

1. Open the Roku Home display and navigate to the Settings
2. Go to Accessibility
three. Select Screen Reader or Audio Guide
Select Screen Reader or Audio Guide

four. Select Off to disable the narration
Select Off to disable the narration

How to turn off voice on roku
How to turn off voice on roku

How to Turn Off Audio Description

The audio description function is likewise useful for humans with sight disabilities because it lets in them to apprehend films and TV shows. It also can be utilized in a communicate to assist provide readability and context.

Most cutting-edge TVs have the function, however now no longer all TV applications and films assist it. Although the function is useful for humans with sight challenges, it could be worrying for different humans.

Some TVs permit the function if there`s a tough reset, like whilst the tool is inadvertently unplugged or if there`s electricity loss from the grid.

So, how do you switch off the function for your Roku?

If you operate a cable TV, keep in mind turning off the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP). For instance, in case you use Xfinity X1, use the subsequent steps:

Use your Roku far off to open the app

Although the function is deactivated on maximum apps and gadgets, the updates may also fail to replace whilst you convert the settings. If you modified the settings and the function doesn`t flip off, you could strive last the app or shutting the tool down.

A reboot cycle is right for gadgets to assist shop the updates after converting the menu settings. After the reboot, cross returned to the settings to test if the tool corrected the settings.

How to Turn Off Voice on TCL Roku TV

Since you could`t make adjustments to the menu settings the usage of voice assistants along with Alexa and Google Assistant, you need to try and make the adjustments manually.

To flip off voice on a TCL tool, use the subsequent process:

Start via way of means of turning at the TV and visit the Home displayGo to the Settings menu. Some remotes may also have an immediate command that lets in you to get admission to the statistics directl How to turn off voice on roku

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