September 28, 2023

Honey why cant we get a divorce


Honey why cant we get a divorce I possessed a individual internal a game. I concept that because I ended up on this world, I might also additionally as properly dedicate the whole lot to the protagonist to look the authentic ending, however… I changed into tossed apart like a nugatory rag. As I changed into trembling in outrage from the betrayal, an surprising man or woman seemed earlier than me—the very last boss of this `game`, Dark Knight Mayer Knox! “Jun Karentia. I would love so as to be part of my excursion corps, the Dark Knights.” He refused my refusal, and so I changed into half-compelled to enroll in his knights. Here I concept, the very last boss can emerge as the protagonist too, no And I ought to get a few revenge on the person who deserted me alongside the way. But matters didn`t pass as easily as I concept. Mayer saved being overprotective… after which there had been the ones abnormal rumors!

The Male Lead? I Don`t Want Him (Novel)

I reincarnated as Luna, a assisting individual who’s accused of ruining the heroine and hero`s relationship, and is murdered. I`m now no longer inquisitive about a person else`s man, however the heroine`s pals bully me each day. “Why are you seeking to get near a person who`s already taken?” “That`s right, please forestall! Why are you doing this?” “Stop doing such horrible matters!” So Luna comes to a decision to announce it in the front of everyone. “I don`t need a person like Fersen even in case you beg me to take him so forestall bothering me. I`d instead date Anthes Vincent, who`s rumored to be insane.” And quickly she meets a person who she in no way predicted to meet… “I heard you’ve got got an hobby in me”

Warrior, I`m Afraid There`s Something Wrong With Your Obsession (Novel)

I am internal a not unusualplace RPG game. I`ve emerge as the satan who abducted a bit princess… who’s luckily ingesting cake subsequent to me. “Devil, isn`t the climate great today?” “Would you want to visit the village pageant with me?” “I`ll even pass and spoil the warrior for you!” “… Won`t you please be patient?” I grabbed the princess through the arm with a extreme face. Warrior or whoever, come quick and take the princess whose head appears to be incorrect. The warrior who got here kissed the lower back of my hand. “You`re the only who freed this low-grade canine that grew up in a slim cage.” He whispered in my ear with a unhappy and tickling voice. “So please don`t abandon me.” I assume there`s additionally some thing incorrect with the warrior

Happily Ever Afterwards (Novel) Honey why cant we get a divorce

I transmigrated withinside the novel of my preferred individual, the second one male lead. A tsundere who listens to all of the phrases of the lady lead whilst grunting, with a uncomplicated personality, and a good-looking face. Matching all my preferences, he changed into even unmarried after the ending. Nice! I`ll choose up the second one male lead! However, I unnoticed one thing… The tsundere, who were deserted through the lady lead blackened, and had emerge as a terrifying man! “Get lost.” …I, Is it secure for me to choose up the second one male lead

Honey why cant we get a divorce
Honey why cant we get a divorce

The Villain`s Sister Suffers Today (Novel)

I changed into killed in a vehicle twist of fate whilst seeking to keep away from a stalker. Is this a praise for demise a depressing death? I changed into reborn as a individual in a singular that had, now no longer a golden spoon, however a diamond spoon. I concept I ought to stay my lifestyles over again. Until I discovered out my brother changed into a budding psychopath. “Sister, how approximately this doll? Do you need it?” “Leave it.” “What approximately this doll?” My more youthful brother ties human beings up in order that they can`t move, and insists on them being dolls. Even I am destined to be killed withinside the palms of my brother. `Let`s go away my little brother to the heroine of the radical earlier than that day comes!` But… my brother killed the heroine…

Rather Than The Son, I`ll Take The Father (Novel)

I have become a side-individual who died in affliction due to her good-for-not anything husband. If I can`t keep away from getting married, why don`t I extrade who I marry instead? “Excellent, marriage sounds good.” “Wise choice. Then let`s have a marriage rite that isn`t too ceremonious. Following that, I`ll want you to move right all the way down to the Fief and behave just like the female of the residence till I name for you. Naturally, there won`t be any time to spend in entertainment even as dousing your self in luxuries.” “I`m now no longer marrying you, however your father instead.” “……Pardon?”

Pure White Elizabeth (Novel) Honey why cant we get a divorce

I have become the lady lead. The robust and beautiful ‘Elizabeth Lily’ with unique powers. But the route to flowery avenue is just too difficult. I changed into enslaved, brainwashed, abused… However, there had been nonetheless many extra hardships to return back for the lady lead from the authentic novel. If this continues, I’m going to die earli than I even meet the male lead! In the end, she made up her mind. She determined to extrade the Honey why cant we get a divorce

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