September 29, 2023


Enfamil A+ formulation is scientifically designed to meet all of the dietary necessities of an little one. It consists of expert-endorsed tiers of DHA & ARA (fatty acids found in breast milk) which can be maximum vital for cognitive improvement.

DHA now no longer most effective allows in selling healthful mind characteristic however additionally aids in growing accurate imaginative and prescient. It is wealthy in vital vitamins like choline (for reminiscence and studying), iron, calcium; magnesium, phosphorus, & nutrition D for robust tooth.

and bones; zinc (for mind mobileular increase), protein; copper, glucose, and riboflavin for power to the mind cells. Enfamil A+ additionally consists of prebiotics combo PDX & GOS that raise the increase of beneficial intestine micro organism which ultimately fortify the immune system.

It is synthetic through Mead Johnson Nutrition that’s taken into consideration the world`s main pediatric vitamins provider. It is effortlessly digested through the little one and designed for feeding toddlers desiring unique care however don`t have unique dietary necessities.

-Key Benefits

-Scientifically designed superior toddler formulation having dietary values just like mother`s breast milk
-It consists of DHA & ARA tiers near WHO recommendations, which can be extensive withinside the cognitive improvement of infants.
-Rich in vital vitamins that gain the mind cells, sell mind and imaginative and prescient improvement, shield the mind from stress, & sell studying and reminiscenceIt additionally consists of Omega three fatty acids that shield coronary heart fitness

1. Why is DHA vital to your infant?

DHA is an abbreviation for Docosahexaenoic Acid. DHA is a essential mind-constructing ingredient, and DHA supplementation has demonstrated to innovative outcomes in cognitive improvement in the course of the primary 5 years of life.


2. Can my infant take Enfamil A+ Stage 1 at any age?

Enfamil A+ may be given to a infant as younger as years old. Please talk to the product bundle earlier than deciding on the perfect Enfamil product to your infant`s age. Before using, please seek advice from your pediatrician.

3. Is it higher to make the feed with water or milk?

Enfamil A+ have to be blended with water. Please observe the instruction and use commands at the product label.

4. What quantity of powder have to be covered withinside the feed?

Please see the feeding desk given at the product bundle for specifics on how a lot Enfamil A+ powder and water to use.

5. Is Enfamil A+ secure for infants?

Enfamil A+ helps ordinary mind improvement. As your toddler’s mind improvement could be eighty five percentage entire through the age of three, it’s miles important to offer your new child with mind-growing DHA, a shape of Omega-three fats that acts as a constructing block of an little one’s speedy developing mind.Enfamil

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