September 29, 2023

Discord markdown

Discord markdown Discord’s textual content formatting capabilities may be quite beneficial here. Using a method called “Markdown,” Discord helps you to write messages in italics, formidable, strikethrough, and more.

Here’s a way to layout your textual content on Discord, the usage of the internet site, computer app, or cellular app.

How to apply Discord’s textual content formatting tools

If you are the usage of the internet site or computer app, you may speedy use maximum of those formatting patterns via way of means of highlighting your textual content, after which soaring your mouse over that textual content.

Discord gives seven unique approaches to layout your textual content: Italics, Bold, Underline, Strikethrough, Code Blocks, Block Quotes, and Spoilers.This will make a small pop-up menu seem that you may pick your formatting alternatives from.

The first 4 are quite basic:

Formatting How to apply it What you will kind What it’s going to appearance like
Italics Put an asterisk (*) on the begin and quit of the textual content *Joe waited for the train.* Joe waited for the train.
Bold Put asterisks (**) on the begin and quit of the textual content **Joe waited for the train.** Joe waited for the train.
Underline Put underscores (__) on the begin and quit of the textual content __Joe waited for the train.__ Joe waited for the train.
Strikethrough Put tildes (~~) on the begin and quit of the textual content ~~Joe waited for the train.~~ Joe waited for the train.
You can integrate those in all styles of approaches too. Putting 3 asterisks on both aspect will provide you with formidable italics, for example.

Discord markdown
Discord markdown

Code blocks Discord markdown

If you are looking to kind the usage of asterisks or underscores and do not need italics and the like, you have to use code blocks. These can help you kind in undeniable textual content with none formatting at all.

To use code blocks, positioned a backtick (`) on every aspect of your textual content. This places all of the textual content into a brand new font and offers it a darker heritage to face out towards different messages.

These code blocks can most effective be a unmarried line long. But in case you positioned 3 backticks (“`) on every aspect, your code blocks may have as many traces as you like.

Code blocks withinside the Discord cellular app.

On a trendy laptop keyboard, you will locate the backtick key withinside the top-left, proper under Esc. On an iPhone or iPad keyboard, preserve down the apostrophe key to locate it.

On an Android keyboard, faucet the 123 button, after which the = ) in the front of your textual content to make a block quote. This will indent your textual content to indicate that you are quoting some thing.

And in case you need a multi-line block quote, positioned 3 greater-than symptoms and symptoms and a space (>>> ) in the front instead.

Spoilers Discord markdown

This might be Discord’s maximum famous formatting option. When you “spoiler” your textual content, it’s going to show as a natural black bar. If everybody desires to examine what you have written, they ought to click on or faucet the black bar.

To disguise your complete message in the back of spoiler bars, kind /spoiler on the begin of the message. But in case you most effective need to cover a particular a part of the textual content, positioned vertical bars (||) on the begin and quit of that textual content.Discord markdown

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