September 26, 2023

cloverleaf enneagram

cloverleaf enneagram On this web page you’ll locate records approximately the Enneagram of Liberation. You will locate the records of the Enneagram`s roots in antiquity, how we use this diagram of ego shape therapeutically, and maximum importantly, a way to use it for awakening for your real self.

You can even locate references to publications and education possibilities for studying and making use of the information replicate of the Enneagram of Liberation.

The Enneagram – A Path to Happiness

Everyone desires to be happy. This is a general factor of the human situation and can appear so self-obtrusive that it does now no longer undergo noting. Even individuals who hate themselves intensely or do violence to others can hint the pressure lower back to the inner most unfulfilled preference for happiness.

The Enneagram of Liberation gives a solution to this puzzle and factors to the solution.

In our time, the Enneagram of LIberation has regarded as an illusory medicinal drug to remedy an illusory sickness. The sickness is the egoic concept of separation primarily based totally withinside the tale of „me and my life.“ The remedy is to appearance withinside the information replicate of the Enneagram to look beyond all fake identity, for your real identification.

cloverleaf enneagram
cloverleaf enneagram

1. History of the Enneagram of Liberation

The phrase Enneagram comes from Greek and means “9-sided.” The Greek logician Pythagoras evolved the Enneagram version, primarily based totally at the geometry of triangles and the vibration of octaves, as a manner to specific mathematically the concord of the cosmos.

By making use of this version to the human psyche, the character of the human thoughts is given a concrete shape and real man or woman and essence may be discerned and expressed.

Starting with Pythagoras` first thriller faculty in Ancient Greece, the coaching were saved mystery for lots of years. The sacred became hidden from the profane, and the thriller colleges and brotherhoods exceeded on their coaching from era to era.

Enneagram of Liberation – E2li Jaxon-Bear

In our age, the Enneagram first got here to mild withinside the west withinside the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, who became a mystic, logician, non secular trainer, and composer, born in Armenia withinside the overdue 19th century.

The Enneagram subsequent regarded withinside the west thru Oscar Ichazo, a trainer in Arica, Chile, who began out Arica, his spritual faculty which taught his model of the Enneagram. Ichazo took the coaching out of the summary and evolved the traits of 9 exclusive fixations with without difficulty recognizable features.

Claudio Naranjo, a psychotherapist and a scholar of Ichazo, took the coaching to Berkeley, California in which it became fleshed out with mental intensity. Eli Jaxon-Bear discovered it from Naranjo and of his college students.

2. Function of the Enneagram of Liberation

The extraordinary present of the Enneagram of Liberation is that it offers us an appropriate shape of the knot of ego. Awareness is our sword, and the Enneagram suggests us the knot that desires to be cut.

The Enneagram well-knownshows how we’ve got falsely diagnosed “I” as our egoic identity with the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. This identity gives itself withinside the unexamined notion that we’re a frame with behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. cloverleaf enneagram

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