September 26, 2023

Bunker jonseys conspiracy board

Bunker Jonesy`s conspiracy board may be observed at the southern shoreline of Fortnite. As you could see, the conspiracy board is positioned here, and while you attain it, you`ll discover a small wood residence there. Bunker Jonesy`s hideout may be observed internal this building.

How Do I Interact With Bunker Jonesy`s Conspiracy Board?

As you stroll into the wood hut, you’ll locate Bunker Jonesy`s conspiracy board for your left. For the week 1 mythical quest, definitely press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, Y on Switch or E on PC to have interaction with Bunker Jonesy`s conspiracy board.

Where Is Bunker Jonesy Board?

The Lumber Lodge Cabin is in which Bunker Jonesy is positioned instead. In the mountains south of Misty Meadows, this landmark may be observed at the southern aspect of the island. As for the subsequent Season 7 mission, gamers will want to locate and have interaction together along with his Conspiracy Board at this area.

Where Is Bunker Jonesy`s New Location?

Bunker Jonesy is hunkering down withinside the mountains on the very southern / significant factor of the map at Lumber Lodge.

Is Bunker Jonesy`s Conspiracy Board?

You will discover a small wood residence on the conspiracy board`s area at the southern coast of the island. Bunker Jonesy`s hideout may be observed internal this building.

Bunker jonseys conspiracy board
Bunker jonseys conspiracy board

How Do You Interact With Bunker Jonesy?

It is normally Bunker Jonesy who stands through it in his ghostly form. You can whole this mission through retaining down the button. Puzzles aren’t concerned in the sport. As quickly as you`ve finished the quest, you could go back to the foyer and maintain on.

How Do You Get The Jonesy Cape Bunker?

Tier 23 of Battle Pass Season nine rewards you with a Battle Royale item. By finishing Bunker Jonesy Challenges, you could earn the greater Ripe Rippers fashion choice and the Nana Cape lower back bling. A Character named Bunker Jonesy may be observed in Chapter 2 of Season 5.

Where Is Bunker Jonesy In Chapter 2 Season 6?

There is a cabin in a faraway vicinity south of the snowy mountains close to Misty Meadows that incorporates Bunker Jonesy, that is ranked #6 withinside the listing of forty six NPC`s in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Where Can You Find Bunker Jonesy In Chapter 2 Season 5?

Bunker Jonesy is observed at the map of war royale in a as an alternative secluded vicinity, that is why we advocate him. The area of his workplace is southwest of Misty Meadows, so be aware about that.

Where Is Jonesy Located?

As a part of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, gamers can discover the southern seaside of the western island through gliding without delay to this area after hopping off the war bus. Once the sport progresses, gamers can go to the characters after they have reached this area. Bunker jonseys conspiracy board

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