September 29, 2023
Att activate device

Att activate device

Att activate device

Att activate device Otherwise, while you get hold of your alternative tool after submitting an coverage claim, make sure to:
Keep the transport field and pre-paid go back label—you`ll want it to go back your broken tool

Charge your alternative tool. Att activate device

If you’ve got got the authentic SIM card, cast off it out of your broken tool and insert it into your alternative tool.
If you do not have your authentic SIM card, insert the brand new

SIM card into your alternative tool. You`ll locate it withinside the field your alternative tool got here in. (If a brand new SIM card wasn’t covered or is broken, you may should order a brand new SIM card.)

Go to to complete activating your coverage alternative tool.1
Heads up: Want to assist? Go to Device Support and pick your tool. Scroll to Device info, and pick Insert SIM. Then, observe the stairs to set off your tool.


Return your broken tool Att activate device

Send us your broken tool inside 30 days of receiving your alternative tool. Otherwise, you will be charged a non-go back rate of up to $850. (These steps do not practice to misplaced or stolen devices.)

To ship us your broken tool:

For all different devices, visit Device Support. Choose your tool. Scroll to System, then pick Reset tool.

Remove the case, reminiscence and SIM cards, and all accessories.
Place the broken tool and battery securely withinside the field.
Put the lowest a part of your packing slip into the transport field.
Seal the field and fasten the pay as you go go back label over the authentic label.

Add the monitoring variety at the go back label.

Send the package deal via way of means of U.S. Mail.
Get assist together tingletips. along with your alternative tool
Warranty info Att activate device

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