September 26, 2023
Activate my phone

Activate my phone

Activate my phone

Activate my phone Whether you`re moving more than a few out of your preceding provider or getting a brand new variety, we have got made the activation technique simple – and you could do all of it on line, the use of Xfinity Mobile My Account.

From Devices, pick out the telecellsmartphone you want to set off. Then we’re going to stroll you thru every step the activation technique.

Important Things To Know Before You Begin Activate my phone

We`ll want records out of your preceding provider to switch your variety.
Make certain you’ve got got a replica of your invoice and your account PIN.

If you don`t recognize your account PIN or variety switch PIN, you`ll want to touch your provider for assistance.

Each card is uniquely related with particular telephones, and we’re going to label them for you so that you insert an appropriate card in an appropriate telecellsmartphone.

Typically, the technique best takes round 10 minutes.

If you are moving your variety from a preceding provider, maintain your vintage telecellsmartphone and your new one near via way of means of – simply in case.

Activate Your New Phone Activate my phone

Step one, unbox your new tool and sim card, is displayed.First matters first. Unbox your new tool for the whole lot you want to get on line with the nation`s high-quality community – like your new telecellsmartphone and charger, Xfinity Mobile SIM card and any add-ons you`ve ordered.

Make certain your new telecellsmartphone is became off (and remains off) on the way to set off it.Now, insert the brand new Xfinity Mobile SIM card into your new smartphone.

Just pick I need a brand new variety and Xfinity Mobile will mechanically assign you one as soon as the telecellsmartphone is activated.

set off, is displayed.Now you`re prepared to press Activate! Easy!Your telecellsmartphone need to be prepared in approximately 10 minutes.

Activate my phone
Activate my phone

You`ll get hold of a affirmation e mail whilst the activation is complete, together with your new variety in case you asked it.And now for the perfect a part of all: Turn for your telecellsmartphone

Activate an iPhone With eSIM

If you’ve got got an iPhone XS or more moderen model, activating your new eSIM telecellsmartphone calls for a WiFi or mobile connection. You can set off in one in all 3 ways, relying for your telecellsmartphone`s model:
By responding to a push notification at the tool (iPhone 12 or more moderen)

On the Settings display screen, faucet “Xfinity Mobile Cellular Plan Ready to be Installed.”
On the Activate eSIM display screen, faucet the Continue button at the lowest of the display screen.
On the Cellular Setup Complete display screen, faucet the Done button at the lowest of the display screen.

QR codeFor Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and eleven models,

scanning a QR code is the maximum not unusualplace manner you`ll set off your eSIM telecellsmartphone.
Scan the QR code beneath to set off your eSIM:
QR code for activating eSIM

Tap Add Cellular Plan.

Tap Enter Details Manually at the lowest of the display screen.
In the SM-DP+ Adress field, input:
Leave the Activation Code and Confirmation Code fields blank.
Tap Next close to the higher proper nook of the display screen and

Here are a pair matters to check:

Make certain to pick “Set Up Over WiFi” (not “Set Up Over Cellular”) whilst activating your telecellsmartphone.
If you’ve got activated however your telecellsmartphone isn’t always working, verify which you see “Xfinity Mobile” at the pinnacle left of the house display screen. If you don’t, observe those steps:
Connect to a tingletips. WiFi community. Activate my phone

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